Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Aiden Vollmer Wins the Red Deer Modern Open!

Aiden Vollmer takes down the Red Deer Modern Open with UW Taxes!

Bobby LeBlanc Wins Moncton Open with Grixis Death’s Shadow!

Is Grixis Death's Shadow the best deck in Modern? Bobby LeBlanc would probably say so after winning the Moncton Open!

Matt Pippy is the St. John’s Open Champion!

Matt Pippy wins the St. John's Open with Sultai Control!

Yanick Giard Wins Quebec City Open!

Yanick Giard wins the Quebec City Open with RG Eldrazi!

Liam Wacey Wins the Edmonton Open!

Liam Wacey wins the Edmonton Open with Elves!

Tyler Milmine Wins the Face to Face Games Toronto Open!

Tyler Milmine wins the Face to Face Games Toronto Open with Elves!