Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Durdling Around 228 – Chromium’s First Disguise

Chromium wasn't always adept at blending in with the humans... #MTGM19 #ElderDragonThings

Brewing in the Zoo: The Birth of “Pokemon Invitational”

Nina wasn't happy with how Jund was looking post-ban, so she put on put away her cards and planned a picnic to the Zoo.

A Triggered Response: The Woman in the Mirror

Nina tackles the trigger rules and how she will be handling them from now on.

StoneBlade Primer Pt. 1

Hi everyone! It's been a while! It seemed like every time I sat down to write an article I would either lose motivation, or...

Choices, Choices

Return to Ravnica is close, people. SO CLOSE! Now that we have the full spoiler I've been brewing and brewing hard, and some of...


Meow. She won’t stop staring at me. It’s like she has teamed up with my legendary cat Vader in an attempt to make me do...

The Binder Pull of Supreme Destiny

When I'm recording a podcast, I can often tell if it's going to be good. That might sound easy, but it can be very...

A Commentary About Magic Commentary

I have been loving the enhanced Magic coverage we've been getting lately. Full video coverage of Pro Tours and Grand Prix has been awesome...

Magic Celebration! – Tomorrow!

The must-attend Magic event of the year takes place this weekend! Back for the second year in a row, fans around the globe will get...

Trading with FFFreak

Lands. Lands everywhere. So many of the blasted things. No matter what I did leading up to FNM, I was seeing too many lands....