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Posted by on Aug 20, 2013

Top 8 Magic #343 – Angelic Accord (from the future!)

Top 8 Magic #343 – Angelic Accord (from the future!)

Topics include:

  • Brian and Mike call you from the future (actually California); Brian is back.
  • Mike’s Angelic Accord deck (or, the only deck Brian and / or WIll Pop will want to play for the next several months).
  • The relative value of Sphinx’s Revelation versus Bogbrew Witch card advantage.
  • Rancor at the center — sorry centre — of Unified Standard in 2013.
  • That time Sam Black took the Opportunity to ruin M14 draft for Brian.
  • How to live as a writer (and don’t just ask us).
  • Ashton Kutcher!
  • Living your life with passion, kindness, and generosity.
  • Wiffleball.
  • Did we mention BDM is back?

Brian says to play
Mike would like you to read The Official Miser’s Guide and Deckade.

From Canada! (and California, and New York)

Your Hosts:
Michael J Flores – @fivewithflores
Pro Tour Historian Brian David-Marshall – @top8games

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  • The greatest part of this episode was when you guys talked about brewing and when someone tells you X or Y is crap. I love brewing i get that all the time (Now to be fair alot of folks are not incorrect) However look at a card like Angelic Accord, it fits ALL the rules of why people say it is crap. It costs alot and does nothing when it comes down etc etc, it requires a specific set of circumstances to go off etc and yet here we are and it isn’t terrible.
    Don’t get me wrong there are alot of cards that just didn’t have enough support for them to work so it might be the exception to the rule. The thing is, that is what makes it so much fun!!! Finding the exceptions.
    Cards like Parallel Lives, Angelic Accord etc etc
    Anyway great episode.

  • In esper, I think dimir charm would work against planar cleansing and opposing wraths

  • Happy to see you guys casting actively again, and great talk about brewing and perseverance!

    I put together a UG Intuition/Loam Depths build when it became legal and – at least as a narrow combo deck – I feel like the combo is just too slow for Legacy. My last build had Exploration, Tolaria West, Crop Rotation and 4 Ancient Tombs. I really wanted the Exploration because it allows you to essentially jump over opposing Wastelands or force opponent to expose their Wasteland to yours. Otherwise, if the best you can do is make Marit Lage on T3 with Ancient Tomb, this just isn’t fast enough. Also, Lingering Souls is relevant for Marit Lage.

    Even though it is vulnerable to counterspells and Abrupt Decay, I think I actually prefer Torpornought in a similar shell because you have 2 different ways to make a dude on T2 (w/ Stifle or w/ sol land + Torpor Orb) and the Exploration slots are freed up for more control. You can still use Intuition to get pieces + Loam + Academy Ruins.

    Ultimately I think Show/Reanimator is preferable for that sort of strategy, or just not going all-in on Depths.. but gotta brew man!