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Posted by on Apr 15, 2014

Top 8 Magic #369 – Pre-Katz’s Cast

Top 8 Magic #369 – Pre-Katz’s Cast

Fresh off of Grand Prix Philadelphia duty, Rashad Miller and Marshall Sutcliffe join MichaelJ on the corner of Waverly and Gay for a pre-Katz’s cast!

“I can’t believe you podcast here.”

Not gonna lie, the first 22 minutes are mostly about where to eat. Then Marshall feels bad and the next two hours are about Journey into Nyx mostly.

Which Gods are awesome? Which are pointless? Which suck?
Find out in PRE-KATZ’S CAST

Your Hosts:
Michael J Flores – @fivewithflores
Rashad Miller – @RashadMiller
Marshall Sutcliffe – @Marshall_LR

“Buy Deckade.”
-Brian David-Marshall [absent]

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  • Frelance

    In which Mike takes upon himself the role of Professor Slughorn. … no objection, seems correct.

  • Slick Jagger

    Great cast, loved Marsh and Rashad as guests. Someone please tell Rashad that someone listening got the 8 iz enuff reference!

    P.S. Food Talk > Basketball Talk

  • Drite

    Since Flores was whining on twitter for more comments.

    There is excellence here.

    Mike Flores doesn’t understand limited, as usual.

    No one understands block constructed either, which is fine.

    I’ve basically listened to like 60 hours of podcasts this week, and this is my favorite 2 hours worth.

  • benk

    Good podcast. If you don’t want to hear food talk, start at 23:00.

  • Brendan

    This was a great. Podcast. Happy to hear some back to back ones!

  • Marcel

    Excellent cast, wish there was more food talk tho 😀

  • Gcat

    I love how Marshall just no sirs all of Mike’s tangents.

    Completely agree with everything Marshall says about the cards from a limited perspective.

    Pretty sure Mike is the Stephen A. Smith of the MTG world, “My good friend Tom Martell, Jon Finkel…”